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At Wine Connoisseur, we believe that wine is art, wine is romance; but most importantly, good wine comes down to great grapes. We know that when it comes to wine, patience is a virtue and enjoying wine at its best requires proper chilling and aeration. We sought to turn this convention upside down. Rather than waiting until your wine is ready to enjoy a glass, we want you to enjoy your wine, when you are ready — whenever the spirit moves you and at the press of a button, one perfect glass at a time.

Our art-inspired Wine Connoisseur Sommelier System is as smart as it is beautiful, perfectly chilling and aerating each glass of wine in less than two minutes. Of course, the Wine Connoisseur Sommelier System is only half the equation; we also bring you great wines. Using hand-selected wineries from around the world, we search out authentic, boutique wines that are both delicious and affordable. We hope you’ll see that authenticity rings true in all we do, from our beautiful Wine Connoisseur Sommelier System to our curated, high-quality wines, which are expertly preserved and packaged.

We think you’ll find that the magic in our bringing you “one perfect glass of wine at a time” is that you can now experience dozens of new wines from all over the world. We are thrilled to bring you the Wine Connoisseur Sommelier System and share with you the unique experience of enjoying our delicious and distinctive wines.


revolutionary “single serve” wine connoisseur sommelier system

Wine Connoisseur is a “single serve” wine sommelier system that revolutionizes how wine is consumed daily. It’s like having your own personal sommelier that serves your wine to you perfectly, at the right temperature and aerated. We achieve this by utilizing our patented dispensing technologies.

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Exceptional Wines one glass at a time

Our patented wine sachets give all our curated wines a two-year shelf life. What’s more, our sachets are recyclable. The Wine Connoisseur Sommelier System brings you a vast array of outstanding wines from all over the world. We hand select our vineyards and wineries that we work with globally to bring you exceptional wines from great wine regions. Whether you like Napa Chardonnay, Washington Pinot Noir, or an Italian Tuscan, we have you covered, with our amazing wine selections served perfectly in our “single serve” wine sachets.

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Wineries We Work With

Terlato Wines

  • Terlato Wines
  • The Wine Group
  • King Estate Winery
  • Starmont

Terlato Wines

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The Wine Group

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King Estate Winery

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From the Founder and Chairman

We are so excited to bring this revolutionary technology to the world. We recognize that wine is about love, romance, and sharing moments. Now for the first time ever, we are able to bring you these hand-selected and curated wines from around the world, delivered one perfect glass at a time. Giving you convenience, accessibility, and most importantly, significant time savings in the process.

Now you can enjoy a perfect glass of wine, without having to chill, aerate, open multiple bottles, or waste unfinished wine. We believe that this is the future of the “single serve” wine experience and we are excited to bring this to you.


Raphael Yakoby